Type ‘Happy New Year’

Happy New Year!

‘You will receive a package from Sevantika. Has it arrived already?’ reads an SMS from Ankeet, a client-friend. Sevantika is his boss. ‘Thanks Ankeet. Am on vacation and in office on 1st Jan. Will inform my office and message to thank’ I type.

1st January is a holiday but I go to office for a few hours.

The package is sitting at my desk. Wrapped in thick paper, it looks bulky but feels surprisingly light. It reads ‘less than 250 gms’ and ‘fragile – handle with care’.

Intrigued, I open the package carefully to find a beautiful case inside.

It has a personalised card and a typewriter with the calendar arranged as a sheaf of typed papers.

A collector’s item, this paper ‘typewriter calendar’ will go on my ledge arrayed with knick knacks.

This curiosity is the nicest calendar I’ve seen thus far.

Typewriter Calendar


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