The Jester Archetype

The Jester Archetype By: Tanvi Anand, Deepa Soman “You only live once, so lighten up because life is meant to be enjoyed”. Abiding by this motto, the Jester archetype exhorts life be lived to its fullest. The Jester is present-minded and for them joy is a primary concern. The Jester deals with situations by displaying a masterful use of humour. Jester is at peace with the paradoxes of the world….

November 24, 2017

Innocent Archetype

Innocent Archetype By: Sreelakshmi Nair, Deepa Soman The Innocent/Child Archetype is a Jungian archetype, first discovered by Psychiatrist Carl Jung. In more recent years, Psychologist, Alice Millar, retrieves the positive side of the child archetype from a negative parental complex in the drama of the “gifted child”. Provide a relatively simple answer to an unidentifiable problem. Innocent Archetypes are associated with goodness, morality, simplicity, nostalgia or childhood. They have functions associated with cleanliness, health or…

November 17, 2017

The Magician Archetype

The Magician Archetype By: Shweta Soman, Deepa Soman Having introduced the concept of Archetypes in the previous article, let us have an in-depth look at one archetype in particular viz. the Magician.   The Magician, associated with mystery and transformation, is a thinker who seeks power through knowledge. Often perceived as gifted, intelligent or intuitive, his/her abilities seem almost magical to onlookers. Magicians aim to understand the way the world…

November 10, 2017

Relevance of Archetypes for Brands

Relevance of Archetypes for Brands By: Shweta Soman, Deepa Soman With brands having permeated every sphere of the human existence, understanding branding has become extremely essential for companies. In our highly consumer centric society, companies are no longer mere suppliers of goods and services; they are sellers of dreams and aspirations. People tend to express their personalities, both actual and idealistic, with the commodities they buy. Brands are essentially products…

November 3, 2017

From Strength to Strength

Leadership coaching and mentoring is one of the many passions Deepa and Milind share. The sheer joy in helping people ‘be more’ drives us. There is a thrill in watching people fly effortlessly. Deepa discovered Neuroleadership through David Rock’s body of work through the Leadership Coaching course she attended at IIM Bangalore in early 2016. ‘Your Brain At Work’, ‘Quiet Leadership’ were powerful when we started studying and applying this…

October 9, 2017

Lumiere turned 17 on September 15th 2013. Charted the strategic journey for the next 4 years.

Lumière turned seventeen today, a magic number! ‘The Sound of Music’ had ‘you are 17 going on 18…older and wiser… and I’ll depend on you…’ Seventeen is about being responsible and getting ready to take bigger challenges. A year short of becoming an adult, ‘moving out’… It’s about exploring the world, charting new paths, taking new challenges, our values as strong anchor. We push onward with some nervous excitement… Milind…

September 15, 2013

Mommy Coach

Beena has gone back to work and she is lucky to have her mother and mother-in-law both help with baby-sitting her baby. Diya lives with her in laws and delivered twin boys. Her older son is three. She will eventually get back to work. Aparajita is expecting her second baby and will take a maternity break of 4 months and will get back to work. Life for these women is…

October 10, 2012

Planning a butterfly-themed 16th birthday for Lumiere.

A friend tells me, ‘where I live is just so much concrete, and our days so harried, we has time for birds and butterflies? We do! And we must! And what does Lumiere have to do with butterflies? Why plan a butterfly-themed 16th birthday? Short-lived, flitting from flower to flower, busy, frisky, with short attention spans. The secret life of a butterfly may also involve basking, mimicking and disguises, mating and…

September 15, 2012

Kids can cook

Yan Can Cook’ was one of the first cookery shows that the networks brought to India. Mothers and kids watched Sanjeev Kapur’s ‘Khana Khazana’. TV Cookery shows are the new reality TV. Kids watch cookery shows with mom and grand mom. They watched them excitedly try out new dishes. The new MasterChef Kids season 1 is different. It has kids as experts, catapulting interest in cooking in utterly new ways….

June 4, 2012

Thanda Matlab AC

Cool Home: Paresh Rana of Chembur, Mumbai fit his one bedroom with a 1 ton split air conditioner on 5th April, his wife’s birthday, replacing their window air conditioner. Kinjal their 12 year old spends most of her time in the bedroom on her computer, her study table squeezed in the corner. Though the new air conditioner is wife Saguna’s birthday gift, Kinjal is the “AC master”. She wields the…

June 20, 2010